Khaolaor Compound Sea Holly 100 Capsules

Khaolaor Compound Sea Holly 100 Capsules



Each Capsule (300mg.) contains: 

Acanthus ebracteatus (Sea holly) 200mg. 

Piper nigrum L (Black pepper ) 100mg 

- Sea holly roots were collected on a large scale in the 17th and 18th centuries in England and were candied then used as restorative, quasi-aphrodisiac lozenges.

- The plant is still used in modern herbalism where it is appreciated particularly for its diuretic action.

- It is used in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, as a means to alleviate kidney stones (it is unlikely that it dissolves the stones, but it probably helps to retard their formation), and to treat enlargement or inflammation of the prostate gland.

- Drunk freely, it is used to treat diseases of the liver and kidneys.

- It is used externally as a poultice, the dried powdered root aids tissue regeneration.

- Roots and leaves are used for uterine irritations and bladder diseases, glandular deficiencies, used as a nervine and tonic.

- Decoction of the root in wine is very effective on the spleen and liver, helps jaundice, dropsy, treats French Pox, ague, swollen lymph glands, snake bites are healed rapidly, pains of the loins, colic, promotes urine, expels stones and promotes women’s menses.

- It is useful in paralysis and chronic nervous diseases, alike in simple nervousness and in delirium produced by diseases.

- It was also consumed as a means of preventing scurvy.

- It was considered helpful in the treatment of a wide array of neurological conditions, including paralysis and convulsions.

- It is prescribed as a treatment for cystitis and urethritis, and taken as a means to alleviate kidney stones.

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