Make Up


Browse our range of Thai and Korean cosmetics including cult products for your complexion, lips, eyes, and brows.

The way you wear make up is an expression of yourself. So, whether you’re playful and bold with your choices, or like to keep things more understated, the range of Thai and Korean cosmetics we have available in our online shop will help you achieve your look. From concealers and foundation, to lip balm and eye shadow, we’ve got you covered. 


Safety First

At Clan Beauty we love all things clean, vegan and organic. That means that all the make up we sell is free from harmful ingredients, and never tested on animals. The Asian cosmetics we sell online are from trusted brands aligned with our values. They only promote the use of natural, safe ingredients in their products. 

So, at Clan Beauty you can buy Thai and Korean cosmetics online with peace of mind.

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