Aqua+ Series Bright-Up Daily...

Aqua+ Series Bright-Up Daily Moisturizer 30 ml

Moisturizing facial product with light texture, refreshing, and quick to absorb.



Moisturizing facial product with light texture, refreshing, and quick to absorb. Hydrates, decreases wrinkles and dark spots, and evens out skin tone, leaving skin smooth, bright, and clear.


decrease wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone

soft and clear skin in 7 days 

has retinol in ingredients so the moisturizer can be used during daytime without causing skin to thin out or be sunburnt 

relieves stress on the skin, decreases inflammation and clears the skin 

reduces skin irritation

gets rid of dark spots and decreases inflamed skin which causes acne 

no toxins added such as perfume, alcohol, or parabens 

dermatologically tested

safety tested


Use daily in the morning and/or evening, as needed. 

Apply in circles softly on the face and neck. 

Avoid applying to eye areas.

How does the Bright-Up Daily Moisturizer work? 

Using new innovation to decrease dark spots and add hydration to the skin, the moisturizer uses a 2 in 1 technology, combining Salsphere and MultiSal Retinol. Salsphere is the winner of Nanotech Briefs NaNo 50th awards from one of the organizations of NASA, from the United States. MultiSal retinol fights against wrinkles and dull skin, made for oily skin and acne prone skin. 

Nano beauty innovation in the form of multilayer liposome transports anti-wrinkle and dull skin fighting substance, retinol, in tiny capsules. It slowly releases the retinol into the skin. 

Collagen is an important player in restoring skin elasticity, it also reduces wrinkles constantly, improves the quality of your skin, and decreases the risk of irritation. The structure of this substance also allows it to cling on to the skin very well, meaning that just a small amount is enough to use at a time.

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