Herbal One Derris Scandens Extract 100 Capsules - 1

Herbal One Derris Scandens Extract 100 Capsules

Derris scandens has been used as active ingredient in Thai traditional medicine recipes for pain treatment



Derris scandens is a medicinal plant of the Fabaceae family:

It is characterized by a high content of flavonoids and isoflavonoids. For the Siamese, today the Thais, this plant has been known in traditional medicine since prehistoric times and is found specifically in the treatment of joint and muscle problems.

In recent years, this plant has attracted more and more interest, supported by intensive scientific and at the same time pharmacological research, as well as in clinical studies in the treatment of arthritis-like pain.


What are the benefits of Derris Scandens?

anti-inflammatory and analgesic,

but also immunomodulating and regulating blood pressure, but above all without side effects

and suitable for use as a long-term medicine in people suffering from painful degeneration of the muscular and musculoskeletal system.

Derris scandens is not toxic even in high doses. It is a free radical scavenger and an excellent antioxidant. Derris scandens is a gift from nature from Thailand for people suffering from pain without having to take into account the risks of steroids and NSAIDs in long term medications.


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