Herbal One Sesamin 60 Capsules

Herbal One Sesamin 60 Capsules

Sesamin is a supplement designed for people ages 40 years or older, the point at which people start to face the lack of ability to sustain their youthfulness.



The benefits of Sesamin:

1) Improves liver functions

Sesamin directly interacts with the liver and improves the functions of the organ. It prevents hangovers, because it decreases the amount of burden on the liver when a person consumes alcohol.

2) Lowers cholesterol levels

Sesamin increases (good) HDL cholesterol and decrease (bad) LDL cholesterol.

3) Prevents/contraints cancer

Free radicals harm cells, which consequently create cancerous cells. Sesamin rids of these free radicals before diseases such as cancer occur.

Other benefits include:

- Anti-aging effect

- Improve menopausal disorders

- Encourages beautiful skin and hair growth

- Increase body immunity

- Fatigue recovery


Black sesame extract 200 mg (20 mg sesamin)

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